Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday fun day.

I'm having a Monday.  It's probably a good thing since it actually is Monday!  I've already had several deliveries and a few phone calls.  I just got back from my daily game of doggie twister.  (some people would call it a walk, but with four dogs and four leashes, I'm lucky I'm still upright.

Miss Amber has just finished up a frosty treat.

It's just mid-day and she's already given herself an artist's manicure!

Here's one of my favorite sampler mouldings.  It's rich, elegant, and feels like autumn. 

I'm off to chop up today's mouldings.


Littlebit said...

LOL about chop up today's moldings!! Well, no one chops as good as you do, my friend. LYG!

Erik Shipley said...

Oh, Amber is turning into a smurf. Yippee.

woolwoman said...

such a beautiful snowman piece! love the new frame molding.

Brenda said...

Simply STUNNING!!!! Oh my stars!!! I love it!!!