Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Yes, Miss Janet, FOUR dogs

Today is the last day of unseasonably warm weather.  The weatherman has been telling me all week that our first snowstorm is coming tomorrow.  He and I are no longer on speaking terms.  I won't forgive him until he shows up at my doorstep late in March with flowers -  preferably crocuses and hyacinths with a promise of tulips to come.

I made a to-do list today.   Once I carved the Herb and Wool Gatherer mats that I had promised for today,  I had to actually make a map of all the errands I had to run so I could use my time efficiently.(I can hardly stand to take time away from the shop)  While I was doing errands, my talented crew finished up some lovelies.

My day ended with a field trip to see "America's Christmas Tree".   Apparently, it visited Ogden today.  I say apparently, because THIS is the view I got.  I'm sure it will be much prettier once they add the tinsel!

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