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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The fun never ends

Here's a fun project that Amber completed.  

Our customer had a piece of art that she had designed her bedroom around.

She stitched her initial and asked us to create a framing package that would compliment the painting.  Here's the final product.  I think Amber knocked it out of the park!

This one is one of my recent favorites.  It has lots of tiny cut-out birds entwined in sparkly winter branches. Winter has never looked so good!

And a few more sweet seasonal pieces for good measure.
We've been having a lovely, creative, season.
I hope yours is just as productive and joyous.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

To Market To Market

I just realized that Rensel Studio flew right past a milestone a couple of weeks ago.  We had our 20th anniversary of starting the business.  It came and went without ceremony.  As always, we were much too busy to stop and look back.

Now that I'm taking a moment to sit and cogitate, I feel a little shocked at how easily those years slipped by me.  I'm feeling a little nostalgic and quite syrupy.    Maybe it's because I'm facing one of those "milestone" birthdays in a month or two and I'm actually paying attention to this one.  Maybe it's watching my parents move into their twilight years in such a graceful and gracious fashion.  Maybe it's watching my niece stretching her gorgeous, capable wings and stepping off the ledge.  Maybe it's because as I look around my little studio and see all of the amazingly beautiful things that were created by even more amazingly beautiful people, I am overwhelmed with the contentment of knowing I've been a part of something warm and beautiful.

I am filled with gratitude.You all have been my family, my friends, and my support system for all of those years.  I cannot imagine a better group of people to entrust my well-being to, and I cannot imagine spending those years any other way.  Thank all of you for seeing me through the first half of my enterprise.  Here's to another amazing 20.  I look forward to spending them all with you and my un-freaking-believable team.  I love you all so much.

The top secret market pieces have finally been released.  There was a discernible smell of Autumn in the air last week. Now that they have officially been released, I can finally show you our contribution (and I don't have to, well, you know...)

Harvest Of Plenty
Mats $68.00
Full Set $120.00

Autumn Sheep
Mats $26.00
Full Set $66.00
Pumpkin Harvest
Mats $60.00
Full Set $158.00

Fall Ewe All
Mats $46.00
Full Set $111.00
Autumn Box
Mats $22.00
Full Set $52.00

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Santa has never looked better

Here's an amazing piece we finished last week.  It was stitched by my long time friend Sandra.  Could he be any more delicious?
Amber has outdone herself with her delicate embellishments.  My favorite part is the ever so subtle glitter to
highlight the sparkle of the stitching.  Yum!  Sandra and Amber, your talents are awe inspiring.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I could tell you but then I'd have to ...well, you know.

The phones are down again.  The repair crew can't come out until Friday.  Bear with us.  We're busily framing even though we can't talk to you about it.  We're getting the Shepherd's bush ladies ready for market
and I've just gotta say WOWEE do they have some fantastic pieces in the works!  Since I'm sitting here at the computer, I feel compelled to at least SHOW you some of what we've accomplished lately.

All of these pieces were stitched by ONE amazing and lovely lady.  Dixie, you are a joy to work with!
Until next time, giant hugs.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Did you miss me?

Those of you who know me well, know just how unnaturally attached I am to my Mother.  Well, now that we've gone through the worst of it and come out the other side relatively intact, I feel I can let the world in again.  

The beginning of June my Father called me from the hospital with the news that my Mother had to go in for emergency surgery on a strangulated hernia.  I immediately dropped everything in order to be the best daughter I know how to be.  What should have been a reasonably short healing process became a little more drawn out than any of us could have dreamed.  Weeks in the hospital and a few more in a physical therapy facility.  Dad and I worked hard to make the house a little friendlier for her transition home. My sister came down from Idaho to help, and (as luck would have it) my brother had scheduled a vacation to come down from Alaska, so the whole family gathered to help her through a rough spot.  She got to go home Sunday, and I'm happy to report that she's doing really well.  Maybe even better than when she went in.  I truly believe that Mom's guardian angel was walking beside her from the moment she stepped foot in the hospital. 

Our experience this time around (some of you remember the ruptured duodenum of 2009) was
entirely different than the last.  From the keen eye of Dr. Nadia Wayment who recognized the necessity for rapid response, the care that she received at Ogden Regional Medical Center from the skilled and talented surgeon Dr. Megan Grunander (who operated at almost a full 9 months pregnant) nurses (too many to name but all just as nurturing and professional as could be hoped for), to the caring and diligent staff at Pine View Transitional Rehab.  Thank you and bless you all for giving me more precious time with my Mommy.

Those of you who know me well also know that I've developed some annoying coping skills when I'm overwhelmed with stress in my life.  I tend to hibernate.  As luck would have it, Amber is so much like me that she does the same.  So, while we haven't been very good about communicating with you all and showing you what we've accomplished in the last few months,  rest assured that we're working our little fingers to the bone.

While I've been spreading myself a little thinner than usual, my amazing crew has been keeping the creativity flying out of here.  So, even though we've neglected to post to the blog in the last few months, we've been doing some of our most creative work.  I'm reminded of the analogy about a little grain of sand...with little heat and pressure...

Here is a lovely series Amber and I (Amber did the designing, and embellishing - I only carved) completed last month.  Aren't they charming?

And here are a few under sea delights that we created for our very special friend, Emily.
Enjoy and stay tuned!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A few that should be new to you...

Spring is my favorite time of year.  The starlings are telling me silly stories in twelve different bird languages.  The squirrels are angrily chirping at each other "This is MY tree", and the dogs just want to smell every worm and beetle that pops it's head out or wanders by.  I even heard a lonely cricket last night.

Inside the studio, we've been working diligently on our backlog of beautiful stitchery - burning the midnight oil.  We're feeling really good about the creative energy around here.   Here are a few from the vault that you may not have seen.

Lori Bylsma's Country Life by Blackbird Designs
Annie's Strawberry Sampler by Blackbird Designs

Bruce Neil's ship and serpents

Carole Watkin's Dog Sampler

Annie's Violets Blue by Blackbird Designs

Betty Wilson's Betsy Ross by Plum Street Designs

Kathy Jepson's Sneak Peek: Halloween by Heart in Hand Needleworks

Sharon Wulff's The Lady with the Fish by Scarlett Letter

Kathy Jepson's  Seasons by Sisters and Best Friends  - Autumn

Kathy Jepson's  Seasons by Sisters and Best Friends  - Spring

Kathy Jepson's  Seasons by Sisters and Best Friends  - Winter

Kathy Jepson's  Seasons by Sisters and Best Friends  - Summer

Friday, May 2, 2014

A little perspective.

We are really backed up in the shipping department right now.  Please know that Amber, Lois, Rosie, Kari and I are all working overtime to get the bottleneck cleared away.  At this moment, we have over 325 custom orders in house.  That's not a huge number to an average frame shop, but each piece we send out simply has to have our signature embellishments.  Some of the simpler pieces - the ones with merely a fantastic frame and no mats may get finished a little quicker, but for the most part, they're all waiting on ME!
(And here I sit at the computer, sigh.)

I spent hours chopping frames today while Amber built them.  I swear - the pile of mouldings just gets bigger every time I turn around!  Here's what's left in my "to be chopped" pile.

Here's what Amber has built while I've been chopping.   This now becomes Lois's pile as she will do quality control inspections on corners and will put the frames with their prospective pieces.

And this is the "ready for embellishment" rack.  So close to being finished I can hardly stand it.  This is the part of the process where it gets really fun.  You'll notice Eddie is supervising.  He is SUCH a big helper!
(The girls are off napping somewhere)

And here's Rosie's fitting pile!  If your piece is in this pile, you're really close to having your piece packed, and shipped and on it's way home to you.

And the best part...
Here's the pile of orders to be shipped.  Almost home!

So many projects, so little time!
I'll get back to work now.