Friday, February 21, 2014

To Market To Market

My sweet Mother always tells me that I have to toot my own horn because nobody else is going to do it for me.  (She also taught me that humility is one of the greatest virtues.  Go figure.)  So, toot toot...

It occurred to me last week that many of my blog readers aren't aware of the work I do for the Shepherd's Bush because they've found my blog by the custom framing work we do.  Well, we've just finished up with the newest mats and frames that went to the Nashville Market with Tina and Teri and we are so pleased with the final products!  Check out the Shepherd's Bush website for the kits and charts and then you can order the mats or mat and frame kit from us. They are available in mats only, frame only, or the deluxe combination of the two.
A Tisket A Tasket - Mats only $58, Mats and Frame $116

Count your Blessings - Mats only $35, Mats and Frame $80

Friendsheep - Mats only $39.50, Mats and Frame $101.50

Spring Box - Mats only $22, Mats and Frame $52

Winter box - Mats only $22, Mats and Frame $52

Wisteria Snowman - Mats only $45, Mats and Frame $90


Cat said...

I saw these in person at the Bush yesterday. They are great Jill!

Cathy D in Sandy UT

MaryK said...

I saw a few of these at The Silver Needle website earlier and thought it looked like your stuff:) Very pretty

Anonymous said...

These are really beautiful and match the theme of the stitched pieces perfectly, as usual!
:) Denise

Christina said...

Beautiful work as always. I see a couple I may have to order. :)