Friday, February 28, 2014

An early spring

My little garden at the studio is always a great source of hope and inspiration for me.  I have one little tropical spot that seems to bloom months earlier than the rest of our city.  The crocuses have begun to bloom!  Early spring bloomers always give me hope that beautiful colors and warm weather are just around the corner.  I know many of you are still trapped in the icy grip of winter.  I hope the cheery faces of these lovely blooms fill you with hope as well.

We took a long time to get these fairies finished up, but we're so excited to show them to you.  These four are just the beginning of a ginormous collection being worked on by an amazing stitcher, Thom.  We're designing the framing with all the future fairies in mind and have selected a frame that we're sure will compliment them all while giving each fairy her own color scheme. The mats are more of Amber's artistry.  I think they're delicious.

I have much more to show you... please check back in a few days to see some more delights.
Hugs to all of you,

Holly Fairy

Jasmine Fairy

Poppy Fairy

Tiger Lily Fairy


April said...

Beautiful frames!!! I love the mats too!

Elisabeth said...

Getting ready to send some of to you ,and looking at these Fairies,and hoping Amber can paint my Tiger Lilly and Jasmine like this they are wonderful.What a beautiful jon ,both of you

krayolakris said...


Christina said...

Oh my gosh! They are all beautiful

Barb said...

Gorgeous! Your work is so incredible and these stitched fairies are stunning.

Could you tell us more about Thom, the stitcher? This is an enormous project and the backstory would be fun to know.