Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Day

Here's what my day was like...

Got up and got ready for my day.
Took Midge and Gidget for a walk around the block.
Went to the Presbyterian Church rummage sale (where I picked up a Sari, a filing cabinet and 2 embroidered tablecloths)
Back to the house to pick up Midge and Gidget
Over to Mom's to have our daily chat over a cup of coffee
Credit Union
Petco to pick up dog food (where Midge made a huge fuss and they suggested obedience training!)
Computer store to get a memory card to replace the one in my camera that went kablooie
To the studio to cut up cardboard for recycling and clear up my design table as much as possible
Found out I purchased the wrong memory card
Went back home to drop off Midge and Gidget
Grocery shopped
Popped pizza in the oven to get the girls and their dad fed before they all run off to their appointments.
Dropped the girls off at a concert
Went back home
Cleaned up the kitchen
Started the laundry
Make a cobbler
Went back to the studio to fuss with memory card some more
Back home to write Blog


I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

And here's more work that we've accomplished.  Until next time,


Anonymous said...

gee.. what a day..
your frames look stunning, as usual.. I particularly love Santa's, brews and the one before that (name on the top of my tongue..)
you have such good taste.. I wish I could have my pieces framed by you.. there's just a bit of an ocean in-between.. :D
have fun and take care,

Christina said...

I'm exhausted just from reading about your day. ;) Another week of beautiful work.

Littlebit said...

Beautiful embroidery, Jill! And that pink set...stunning! If course, it goes without saying, your framing is amazing!

Cari said...

Great finds at the rummage sale Jill. My personal favorite...the PINK sari !! Beautiful....

And of course your amazing work. I love them all. Have a great week dear friend.


Diane said...

It sounds like a crazy day, but those garage sale items make it all worthwhile!

MysteryKnitter said...

I like the last blue one about some baby.
Your day sounds crazy!