Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tulips and bleeding hearts and grape hyacinths, oh my!

You all probably know this already, but the Shepherd's Bush has posted their registration forms for this year's retreat.  We're all so excited.  This year's theme is "home for the holidays" - a theme that's dear to all of our hearts.  It seems so strange to be enjoying spring and thinking about the winter holidays already! (although last week's snowstorm didn't make it seem so distant!)

We're having an amazing spring.  Midge and Gidget adore their outdoor time.  I'm not enjoying brushing the weeds out of their fur, but it beats snowballs!
My friend Ruth brought us a darling easter bouquet. Here's a picture of the girls taking time to smell the roses - so to speak.  Thank you, Ruth.  We're enjoying it immensely.

And here's the stuff that got shipped or picked up this week.
The girls and I wish you the happiest of Easters.
Hugs and puppy Kisses,


Jannie said...

Happy Easter, Jill! I get to meet you @ the retreat! I pounced on that brochure/registration as soon as it popped up! I love the framing. That really big one looks like Beckysc's??? She just finished that one. The Autumn one. Can't wait to give you a hug in person! Love the framing, as usual.

Nic said...

Happy Easter Jill. Once again your framing is just stunning. Can I ask the name of the very long design - it's the third stitching picture down. Thanks :-)

Christina said...

Happy Easter to you and the girls. What a thoughtful gift from your friend. Everything is fantastic as usual. Always love to see your work and work of the stitcher/artist.

Mouse said...

Happy Easter to you all too and simply gorgeous flowers you got and wow mopping up the drool from the framing and those gorgeous matts you have done :) love mouse xxxxx

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh I love your blog, and i love your dogs .... beautiful stitching,
sory for my bad english

bisous de France

valerie said...

@Nic - The 3rd one down is Butternut Road's Celtic Banner.

@Jill - Great work as always. I wish I could stitch faster so I can send you some pieces to frame! =)