Saturday, March 31, 2012

April showers

Many needleworkers don't use glass in their framed pieces.  For those who live in a dusty area or have a household full of sticky fingers, I recommend it.  Here are the glass choices I offer at the studio.  The descriptions are merely my opinion of each product.  I've added this information on a page to the left of my home page for easy reference.

My glass selection is as follows:
(I've listed them in order of expense from lowest to highest)

Regular Clear glass - Self explanatory.

Conservation clear - Clear glass with an ultraviolet filter to help prevent fading. I recommend this for a piece that will receive direct sunlight or will be hanging in a room that is lit with flourescent light.

Reflection control (non-glare) - For pieces where glare is a problem. This is better than the "old fashioned" non-glare but tends to get fuzzier as it gets farther away from the piece.  I don't recommend it for pieces with more than one mat.

Conservation reflection control - This is a non-glare glass with an ultraviolet filter to help prevent fading.  I don't recommend this glass for pieces with more than one mat.

Museum - This is the clearest glass you can get.  It seems to disappear in some light sources. It tends to be very expensive.  It has an ultraviolet filter to help prevent fading.  It's ideal for heirloom pieces.

I no longer recommend Anti-reflective glass.  It's a beautiful product, but I feel that if you're going to spend that much money on glass you might as well use Museum glass and get the added benefit of ultraviolet protection.

It's beginning to look like Easter in the studio.
I've misplaced a photo or two this week.  When I find them I'll add them.


April said...

All the framing is so beautiful! and thanks for the info on different types of Glass..

Christina said...

Everything is amazing. Love all the fun Spring/ Easter. Thanks for the information on the glass.

Jannie said...

Jill - they're all lovely. Thx for the education on glass. And, my, oh my - wherever did you find that frame on the SB piece?

Rachel S-H said...

Thank you for the info on glass. As always, your framing is so beautiful!

MysteryKnitter said...

I like the beautiful lady in the beautiful dress.