Friday, December 2, 2011

wind update

We got caught in that crazy windstorm.  I found out the hard way that I can't update the blog from my phone.
I've finally got our internet restored at the house, but, I still have no power at the studio.  If you've been trying to contact me, please don't worry.  I'll return phone calls and e-mails the minute I get up and running.  As many homes are still without power and the temperature dropped below freezing, I'm patiently waiting my turn.  I promise I'll go full speed once we get back into the studio.


dxponhs1 said...

Jill, stay warm and safe! ((Cyber hugs)) Dawn

Cari said...

Yikes....hang in there and stay warm !!

Erik D Shipley said...

Wahoo...power was just restored at my home. I've been without since early thursday. Hopefully you're studio power is back too.

Anonymous said...

Oh man! We've been freezing in Colorado, but our power has maintained. Stay warm, Jill.