Friday, May 13, 2011

Better late than never!

So, some of you noticed that I took a little "computer holiday" this week.  Thank you for worrying about me.
I prescribe to the belief that your life is made up of "compartments".  Sometimes in order to do one thing well you just have to let one or more of the other "compartments" slide a little.  I just had too much on my plate last week so the blog suffered.  Next week, maybe I'll ignore the lawn!  Anyway, the upshot is that we have some
really wonderful pieces to show you this week.   Once again I am astounded by the quality of the needlework.
Be sure to look closely because there's more than one "lifetime achievement" kind of pieces here.
Until next time,


valerie said...

Lovely work as usual Jill! Seeing that Fairy Moon one is just the motivation I need. It's all ready to start. Just need to stitch it and send it to you! :)

Wendy said...

Such beautiful pieces and framing, once again. It's hard to believe that the second piece down (fishing) is a fiber piece!

Isadarena said...

How gorgeous are your frames,Jill and they really enhance the is always a great pleasure for the eyes to discover your framing work.
I wish you a nice and quiet week-end,

Erik D Shipley said...

Wow. Yup, I am in awe again at your talent and the talent of the stitchers. Incredible.

Fiona said...

Everything looks fantastic as always and very inspiring.

emilyaliu66 said...

What beautiful work...yours and your clients! I love seeing these incredible masterpieces...and the frame on the Enchanted Mermaid is FABULOUS!

Beaj said...

Gorgeous works. Framing and matting perfect.
Very talented....:)