Friday, December 6, 2013

a little birdie

I heard a rumor that Paulette and Marsha had their annual Christmas exchange.  That means that it's ok for me to post the "Do not open until Christmas file".  Here they are.  Aren't they lovely?  Plus a Yuletide Welcome that I've been meaning to show you for some time but hadn't gotten around to it.

My Eddie sat still for a photo minutes after Amber brushed him (otherwise we wouldn't be able to see his gorgeous eyes)  Isn't he just the most handsome guy in the world?
That's all I have time to show your right now.  I've got to go crack the whip on those shoemaker's elves.


Cindy said...

Your little love is a cutie pie. My little girl will not leave her hair up like that she rubs it off. Merry Christmas to you and everyone in Utah.

Christina said...

What lovely finishes. What a sweet little face.

Cari said...

Your framing is over-the-top on these pieces Jill !! And Eddie…what can a Mommy say except he is simply too sweet. He looks so innocent in this pic. Hugs dear friend. Stay warm and enjoy the holidays !!

Jannie said...

It's always a surprise to see the frames you pick out for us, Jill. This framing is beautiful -of course the stitching is as well. Eddie is adorable. Take care & Happy Holidays to you and yours.

MysteryKnitter said...

E is adorable.