Monday, July 22, 2013

The report of my death was an exaggeration.

Periodically, I'll get a phone call or an e-mail from someone who heard a rumor that I've quit framing, or I've died, or if I'm in poor health, etc.  Recently, I've had more queries than usual, so I thought I should write and dispel the rumors.

I certainly deserve all the rumors that are flying about.  I've been horrible about keeping up with my voice mail,  e-mail, phone calls and updating the blog. The truth is: I've been so far behind on the framing that I just had to communicate less and frame more.   In times of stress, I have found that the only thing that makes me feel better is getting orders out the door. 

It's been a year of changes already.  Midge and Gidget have accepted their little brother into our pack.
My Courtney got married.  My Kari gave birth to little Henry - turning Oliver into a big brother.  My Kelly decided it was time to get serious about school and her other job and left us.  (I'm still hopeful she'll consider coming back part time when things calm down for her.  You all know her as the packaging goddess.)  Little Becca has moved to the next big adventure in her life and got married as well.  We've recently welcomed Amber Hansen to our little family.  She has singlehandedly brought hope back to the studio.  I really believe that I can get caught up with the backlog and maybe become more efficient getting the orders out.  I think Amber gets a little embarrassed when I gush about her, so I'll only do it just this one more time...

I have often wished I had a clone of myself to help around the studio.  You've all thought about it.   If you had a clone you could have them do half the work and they would do it the way you wanted it done and wouldn't question the way you wanted it done.   Someone who gets you.  Well, I feel like I've found that with Amber.  She just gets it.  She's my clone only she's prettier, smarter, more talented and just plain nicer than I am.  My father had been telling me for years that I needed to meet her, and yes, it seems that
my father is ALWAYS right.  I'm sorry I dragged my feet.  She's a very gifted artist.  She has worked for many years as a wildlife rehabilitation expert and her artwork reflects this love of nature.  Next week I'm going to figure out how to put a link up so you all can get to know her artwork.

We're in the process of having all the puppies spayed and neutered.  Gidget was last month, Eddie was last week.  Midge will be in a few more months.  I have to get myself ok with the idea that she'll never be a mother.  (She'd be a great one and, well, she's just plain gorgeous.)
My how they've changed!  They're fast friends now.  It's been so interesting to watch them develop their own relationships with each other.  Midge and Eddie like to play rough, but when it's time for sleep, Eddie
snuggles up with Gidget and Midge finds her own spot.  I suppose it's just like a human family.  Here they are sporting bows that our Australian friend Julia sent them.

Gidget is still Eddie's favorite pillow!

I have lots and lots to show you from the months that I've let pass.   I don't really know where to begin.  I thought I'd sort them by the date the photo was taken, but it seems my camera can't read a calendar!  I'll just show them willy nilly.   My apologies to anyone who was eagerly waiting for me to show their masterpiece.

I promise I won't let such a long time pass before I post again.
Until then,


Laura said...

Wow! You have had a busy time of it! I am glad you have found some wonderful help and your work looks spectacular as always! And the puppies are just adorable!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Well worth waiting for!

You said we all want a clone of ourselves but actually I'd rather have a Jill clone! Then one of you could move to the UK and do all my framing LOL.

Touching the Autumn Sky is just amazing. I love the leaves around the mat.

Christina said...

Glad you and the pups are doing well. Awesome work as always.

Cari said...

Oh I've missed you so...Love hearing from you about your sweet pups, the shop, the girls and your work. As usual, your framing is simply over-the-top !! Glad you're doing so well.


Karen said...

Beautiful work, EVERYONE!!! I am glad to see Pretty Pumkins done - I've loved this pattern forever, and just got it recently, and that shaped mat the model uses is half the appeal; I knew your take on it would be spectacular! Mine will be coming to you, some day :)
Scritches for the puppies :)

Anonymous said...

oh my, I'll have to drop by to the States with a bunch of my stitching, have them framed and then come back to pick them up. or move closer to your shop. I don't know! you're the best!!
thank you for the update, glad you found your other-me. nothing on the horizon here.
give the funny ones a big hug,

Jannie said...

And there you are! Finally! Glad you came up for air! Fabulous work, as usual! Love those babies of yours.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you and the pups are doing well. Happy to hear that you have some amazing new help. Your work is gorgeous as always. Thanks for updating us and showing us what you have been working on.


MysteryKnitter said...

I am happy for those good events in your life. I am happy the dogs will get a good new life even they must give up the motherhood and fatherhood.
The swinging girl is awesome! As is the one with the words Love and Family.