Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pirates and Snowmen

I've had a few pieces lately that have just been a dream to work on.
I'm only going to show you two pieces today because they are each worthy of a long look and consideration.

The first one is the Red Lady Pirate sent in by Lori.  I think she turned out (as Lori would say) EPIC.  Lori had the foresight to send me some of the "treasures" to work with on the embellishment phase of the process.
I thought the doubloon was genius.  What a great team we make!  I don't know Lori very well, but I suspect
she's somewhat of a swashbuckling pirate lady herself.

The next piece was stitched by Darlene.  Around here we call her Darlene the Machine.  This is just one of many masterpieces Darlene has sent our way.  I wish you could see the intense detail on this piece.  The iridescent touches are delicious.  The crazy thing about this project is how generous Darlene is.  This piece was a given as a gift to her friend Pam.  Pam, you must be an extraordinary person to have someone bless you with such a gift.

Happy Easter to all of you.


Debls said...

I am loving Lori's Pirate Lady! It's not a design I would choose to stitch, but OMG! Framed, & with the embellishments, it is magnificent!

Christina said...

They are both stunning.

Erik Shipley said...

Wow....the are both EPIC!

Joanne said...

LOVE Lori's "Pirate Lady"....and adding the embellishments simply make this piece a masterpiece! And the snowman? ....exquisite! Such beautiful framing and matting, too, Jill!

Anonymous said...

These are two of the most exquisite pieces I have ever seen and with Jill's framing I am truly in awe of you amazing artist's. Thank you for sharing your talents.

Anonymous said...

I can't thank Jill enough for the fantastic job she did for me. The best thing about looking at it on line is going home and seeing my Pirate Lady hanging in my home. Jill, you will frame for me again, no doubt about it.

MysteryKnitter said...

I forgot to say I am happy for you and your dogs.