Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Still sorting ducks

This week, we are all finding ourselves a little down over the Hostess chaos.  An American institution is gasping it's last breath.  I haven't heard the news today, so I'm still hopeful that the talks will be successful and we won't see yet another staple of our childhoods disappear. 

Our local factory is only a block from the studio.  Midge, Gidget and I walk past it every day and enjoy the lovely smells  wafting from deep inside.  I have always enjoyed the giant wonderbread sign with it's big bright polka dots.  As children, we all looked forward to the Wonderbread field trip where we actually got to see our favorite bread being baked and packaged and shipped all over the country.  We are so sad for the hundreds of employees who were so glad to be employed by such a strong American company - losing their jobs at the worst time of year. 

I ate an entire bag of donettes all by myself to show my solidarity for the workers.  Ever the optimist, I am still hopeful that the union will accept what the company is offering and get these people back to work.  Fingers crossed.

Today I have another stunning piece to show you.  It is a Martina Rosenburg Schloss Gottorf Baroque Garden.  This piece is so large that I just couldn't do it justice in a photograph.  Just to finish a piece like this is a lifetime accomplishment, but this stitcher makes it look easy.  I had it on display during the retreat and watched as the participants stood and oohed and aahed over it.  Sue Whitney, you're unbelievable.  My hat is off to you, darling.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Hugs and puppy kisses,


Christina said...

Thank you for the Hostess support. My DH was a PT employee. OMG that piece is just stunning.

Carole said...

Incredible stitching and your framing, Jill, totally brings it to life!

MysteryKnitter said...

That garden thing is awesome.