Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ducks, ducks, and more ducks!

This is the season of perpetual nausea!  I wake up in a cold sweat thinking about orders that I forgot about or frames that were supposed to be finisehd a week ago.  I don't dare spend more than a few minutes even writing the blog for fear I won't have time to finish some important Christmas gift.
I start each day with a renewed vow to get my ducks in a row, however I think the darned things
are multiplying quicker than I can line them up!

I'm so far behind in showing you what we've been up to - that I can't remember how far back to go in
my file of "haven't been put on the blog yet" photos.  So, instead of doing it chronologically, I'm just going to show you stuff willy-nilly.  Maybe I'll just take a breath each day and post a little something.

Starting with something VERY memorable.
I have to say a little something about these two pieces because, as my stretcher Kari said, "I have never seen anything like these in my life."  (and I'm telling you, she's seen a lot of needlework!) These two pieces are unexpected and truly amazing.  At first glance you might think they are punchneedle pieces, but upon closer inspection, these little jewels were done using THOUSANDS of french knots.  They rate right at the top of my "Amazing pieces I've had the fortune to touch."  JaNae, you are truly an needle artist.

I'm off to herd ducks.


Carole said...

The stitching is really wonderful, Jill......but, what you have done is to bring to life the stitched have such a gift.....and I feel so fortunate in seeing that gift in my house every day!

Annette-California said...

Wow. I can't believe all the french knots. They sure make a gorgeous design. You did an amazing job of framing them. Gorgeous! AND I fret over a few french knots???
love Annette

Christina said...

Oh wow, I can't believe those are all French knots. You did an excellent job framing them.

Rita said...

Wow!! Beautiful pieces!

MysteryKnitter said...

Those both are pretty. You have awesome skills. But so have those who have stitched them.