Sunday, April 22, 2012

True Colors

When I was a little girl I can remember being asked "What's your favorite color?" by teachers, babysitters, and grown-ups in general.  I couldn't understand why I had to choose just one.  Aren't they all wonderful and equally able to bring joy to the viewer?  Can't I just say "all of them"?  I suppose that says a little something about my basic nature.  I'm not at all certain if it's good or bad.  Now that I'm a grown-up myself, I understand it a little bit better.  I used to look out at my garden and delight in every leaf and blossom.  These days, I find that certain colors and flowers delight me more than others.  I'm a sucker for double blossoms of any kind.  Cherry trees, daffodils and tulips.  I think they bring to mind frothy ballgowns designed for fairies.  What I wouldn't give to have a frothy pink dress to flit around in!

I now officially have a favorite flower.  I never cease to be delighted by a tulip.  I love the shiny sparkly petals, the tender scent, and I even love the way they sound when I rub them against each other as I'm easing them into a vase.

Midge and Gidget helped me pick a bouquet for Mom this weekend.  Gidget just likes to watch and sunbathe, but Midge can't help but try to take a bite out of every tender bloom.  My Mother delights in them even more with a tiny nibble taken out of them.  She loves the girls almost as much as I do.

On a personal note, I had a first-timer come to the shop this week.  Cassandra, I can't wait to work on your Mermaid of the Pearls.  I enjoyed meeting you so much and you were so kind to me that I feel like I must be on my best game when finishing your piece.  I intend to make you a lifer!

This week I finished off a couple of pieces from my procrastination pile.  The Herb Gatherer and Wool Gatherer got an update.  I don't even know why I was putting them off.  They weren't particularly difficult, but I must have had some sort of creative mental block and I just couldn't make myself finish them.  Sorry Kimberly.  I truly hope you think they were worth the wait.

The next two pieces were labor intensive not only for me and my team, but for the quilter and weaver of each.  Marilyn, It was a pleasure to work on such a well pieced quilt.  I can't wait to see these on your wall.

I'm looking forward to another creative and productive week.


Christina said...

I too don't have a favorite color. There are just too many to choose just one. ;)

Such lovely flower pics.

Another week of wonderful work.

Xine said...

The whole "favourite colour" always reminds me of the Harry Chapin song, "Flowers are red". Not quite the same thing, but similar. In case you don't know the song, here is a youtube link to a concert version.

Elizabeth Brotherton said...

Beautiful work! i especially love the last one depicting a woman in a flowing blue cape. Do you know who the designer is? If you don't can you find out? I would love to purchase the pattern. It looks like a Lavender & Lace design by Marilyn Imblum-Levitt but I can't find the pattern at my online cross stitch store.

Thanks for your help!

Brightest Blessings!

Beth B.

Elisabeth said...

Beth it is a L&L pattern,but i think someone changed it ,and added a cape

Karen said...

You are tulips, I am irises :) Which is why I take a zillion pictures of them every spring :)

GORGEOUS work, as always - the SB pieces are beautiful, and those quilts? WOW!!!! Wonderful work, everyone!

Elizabeth Brotherton said...

Thank you for answering my question. Whomever altered the design did a fantastic job. Please give them my compliments!

Brightest Blessings,

Beth b.

Elisabeth said...

I believe her name is Thalia,she is from france.She is on Lavender and Lace yuku board

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh very beautiful pictures !

bisous de FRANCE

Cassandra H. said...

Jill it was an absolute honor to meet you and A dream to see your wonderful studio!!! You are so humble with your work! You have no idea how brilliant you are when piecing together frames, mats, and painting the mats to tie it all together in one stunning piece! I already know that whatever you do with my mermaid she will be amazing! You've already made me a lifer! As soon as I got home I created a Jill Jar and instructed my husband to put all his change in it lol! I'm so excited to see how the mermaid comes out. Thanks so much for the wonderful afternoon at your studio! Ps your dogs are adorable and both are sweethearts!

MysteryKnitter said...

Nice dogs. Nice "Winter". And that framed quilt...Awesome!