Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another first

All winter Midge has been pushing boundaries.  She'll explore the basement when nobody is paying attention.  Once in a while I'll hear her barking far in the distance while I'm getting ready for work.  I'll find her on the second floor barking at a stuffed animal she's discovered in the girls' room.  Well, I knew this was coming, and try as I might, I couldn't stop it.  She's been tracking a raccoon that visits our backyard.  I'm not really worried about her cornering it as long as she's smart enough to be scared of it.  Well, it seems that raccoon has been wandering across the iced-over pond.  Every time I let Midge outside I have to yell at her for walking on the pond.  Yes, last week it thawed just enough to break through when her tiny little body hit a weak spot.  She fell through and had an icy surprise.  She's a great swimmer, and pulled herself up onto the ice right away.  Thank goodness, otherwise I, too, would have had an icy bath! Wouldn't you know it was the day after she had a bath.  She ran through the house distributing pond stink like it was a great new game.  Yuck.    Wanna bet she didn't
learn her lesson?

I got the books done early this week and started in on the fun stuff by mid-week.  Here's what we got accomplished.
Hugs and wet puppy kisses for all of you,


Christine said...

It's my first time commenting and I wanted to say that I really enjoy seeing all of yourl lovely framing work! I also wanted to ask if you knew the designer of the "Houseowrk makes you ugly" design? I've never seen that piece before.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Beautiful blog !!!
marylin from FRANCE

Christina said...

Wow, everything is beautiful as always.

Wendy said...

LOL@Housework makes you ugly! Nothing like telling it like it is! Haha! Lovely work Jill and stitchers! The Gettysburg Address caught my eye right off!

Rensel Studio said...

Thanks, Christine. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. The "Housework Makes You Ugly" piece is by Sisters & Best Friends (419)381-3388.

Christine said...

Thanks so much for posting the name of the designer!