Friday, November 4, 2011

A couple of tricks and a whole lot of treats

Once again, I'm a week behind on posting our work.  I promise I'll get caught up.  It may be AFTER silly season, but I'm optimistic it'll eventually happen. 

Midge meeting Oliver
This week Midge and Gidget finally got to meet Oliver.  While little Oliver is precious, I was completely taken with my little girls' reactions to him.  They were quite inquisitive and gentle.  Midge gave him a little kiss on the ear.  
Gidget meeting Oliver

Yet Again, Gidget has that "kids stink" look on her face, but I assure you she was just as delighted to meet him as Midge.


We had a Halloween photo shoot for the girls.  I love the ones where they look like they've gorged themselves on candy and are nursing belly aches.
Midge licked every one of those candy corns, but I assure you she didn't actually eat any.

And now the treats.
This first piece is the most amazing needlework I've had the pleasure of framing.  My only regret is that my photograph didn't capture the quality of the work in detail.  Kimberly all I can say is, "WOW!"

And Carolyn, this bunka embroidery is a rare treat.

And the rest of our treats...
until next time,


dxponhs1 said...

Very nice work. The puppies sure enjoyed the treats!

Mouse said...

awwww they are precious and I just love them saying hello little man :) gorgeous stitching you've framed as well that lion is fab :) love mouse xxxx

Wendy said...

Little Oliver missed out on the puppies giving him loves! The furbabies and human baby are so sweet!
All of the pieces shown are fabulous! I love the colors on Carolyn's piece! Jill, you see a lot of embroidery go through your shop, could you please share with what made the Kimberly's piece especially outstanding? My local framer says that my pieces are always nicely worked front and back; I certainly try to keep them nice, but I'm always willing to improve on my technique!

Kari said...

Oliver loved meeting the girls too. He can't wait until he's old enough to chase them around the studio and play with them. Fabulous job on all those pieces. They are gorgeous. I miss hanging out with you and seeing all those beautiful pieces of artwork everyday.

Jill said...

What made Kimberly's piece so extraordinary was that not only was it stitched beautifully and neatly front and back, each of the specialty stitches was skillfully executed. I wish you could see how tiny the stitches were in the "over one" area of the sun. They were delicate enough to bring tears to my eyes.

MysteryKnitter said...

The picture of flowers and butterfly is awesome! I love it.
I am glad the dogs got to meet the little Oliver.