Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Story of Midge and Gidget


Just about a year ago, my husband called me at the studio and said, "I want to do something and it could either be really good or really bad."  I said, "You're scaring me.  Spit it out."  He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to get me a Yorkie for my birthday.  (He was worried that I wasn't yet over the death of my precious Sparky.)  I said, "Let's go get her."  That was the happy day that Midge became a part of our little family.

Then, shortly after Christmas, we took little Midge back to her breeder just for a visit so she could see how her puppies turned out, and I met Gidget.  She was tiny and shy and living with at least a dozen other dogs, which made her tough and she could take anything Midge could dish out.  The breeder had bought her as a pet for herself but kept saying things like,"I don't know why I bought her.  She's too small to breed."  In my head I'm thinking, "There's a woman with a price."  I obsessed for a few weeks and then convinced my husband that Midge needed a little sister.  He secretly went to ask the breeder about the possibility and she wouldn't even let him in the door.  When I showed up at her doorstep the very next day, she rolled her eyes and asked, "Do you get everything you want?"  Without missing a beat I told her, "No, but it's about time I did!"  Well, she didn't even argue with me she just loaded Gidget up and off we went!

So that's the story of Midge and Gidget.  It's been a lovely year.  How wonderful it is when what you want turns out to be exactly what you need.

Here's what I've been up to in the last couple of weeks.  There's plenty more to show you, but I want to
space it out so each piece gets it's proper attention.


Susan said...

Your dogs are adorable!

I love all the framing & mats! The owners are going to be thrilled!

Cari said...

I so love your story about Midge and Gidget !! They are both darling souls and I know they bring you great love. They are just the cutest pups around.

Love all of your framing pic...of course. Who wouldn't? Your blog is simply EYE CANDY to the max!! Hugs dear friend !!

Mouse said...

beautiful work but I like midge and gidet story the best heheh .... my mum and dad went to buy a watering can and came back with our rotweiller Bruce who was a complete softy with us and was adorable and I still miss him now after 26 years ... love mouse xxxxx

Christina said...

Cute story about how you got your girls.

Love all the art work and framing again this week. Everything is beautiful as always.

jhm said...

I loved the baseball birth announcement (posted OCt 1). Any idea where the chart came from?
My daughter maried a baseball coach and it would be perfect!


Wendy said...

Gorgeous work to the customers and Jill's crew!

MysteryKnitter said...

The lady and the sea horse - picture is gorgeous.