Friday, August 12, 2011

Credit where credit is due

My husband and I often talk about how bad customer service has gotten just about everywhere.  From not being able to get a real person on the phone to having a salesperson tell you "it's not my department".  We usually just turn and give each other a knowing look as a salesman tries to answer our questions by reading the very box we just got finished reading!
Have you ever had an experience like this? Just at the moment when everything seems to be going wrong and you feel so lost and helpless someone steps in and does something amazing to make it all better.  My husband and I had just such an experience with this computer nightmare.  He had researched motherboards and processors all weekend and was boggled by the changes in just a year or so.  He finally figured out which bits and pieces to purchase and did so from an online store.  That's when the amazing part happened.  You think when you're ordering online that you're going to have one of those anonymous experiences where you're just another credit card number and if things go REALLY well you'll actually get your merchandise and it will be just what you wanted.  Well, the day after ordering the bits and pieces we needed, my husband gets this e-mail from a representative of the company saying we'd like you to call us about your order.  He did and found out that while putting the order together, a saavy salesman noticed that the processor and motherboard he had ordered weren't compatible and he wanted to save Terry the headache of trying them only to be disappointed. I can't tell you how much pain this amazing salesperson has saved us!  It's so refreshing to have a retail experience where the salesman actually knows a little something about his product and will go out of his way to make sure you're happy with your purchase.  We were so elated to have such a good experience
that I wanted to put credit where credit is due.  If any of you are looking for computer parts, I highly recommend the service at  They've renewed my faith in the human race.

Midge and Gidget have become the darlings of the neighborhood.  On our morning walk I can be certain as we round the corner of the big apartment building that someone will be waiting with a smile and a "there's my girls!"  As the heat of summer brings everyone outdoors in the cool morning and evening air, we've become a tight little community.  Miss Midge has discovered the plum tree and will scour for a new hard plum to bring in and toss around.  (I dread the day when the plums are actually ripe!  Could be a sticky mess!)

Just so you know, I am aware that I've become one of those funny dog ladies and I'm embracing the role with both arms!  What a joy to find out that many of you are funny dog ladies too!  I'm in great company!

It's been so long since I've posted that I can't remember what I've shown you and what I haven't.  Here are the pieces I put in the "blog" file before I got lazy.  I'll try to figure out what I haven't shown you and get my ducks in a row for next week.
Until then, keep stitching!


Mouse said...

oooo that was good .. great service there wasn't it ... and love your being one of those funny dog ladies ... i'm one this week too with a chocolate Labrador .... and ripe plums could defo be interesting heheheh love mouse xxx

Suburban Stitcher said...

so many GORGEOUS chatelaines!!!!! beautiful!

Christina said...

It is nice to know that there is still good customer service to be found.

Everything is beautiful, just amazing work.

Wendy said...

Happy to hear that you had great customer service and that everything is up and running for you again. Adorable little puppies that you have, I would be a crazy dog lady if I had them in my life, too! After having to put my last little dog down, I am not ready to bring another into the house. It is too heart breaking to have to say goodbye when they're looking at you with such innocent pleading eyes. One day we will bring another pup into the home. Gorgeous pieces again this week. Well done stitchers and Jill!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Chatelaine central this week! Love the first sampler too.

mdgtjulie said...

Great framing this week Jill. Looks like you've got a lot of Chats this week!! Glad to know that good customer service is still available. It's so rare that people take the initiative anymore. Glad you had such a good experience!!

Susan said...

Good customer service is one of the main reasons I bring my business to you Jill!! I just gave my in-laws the Egyptian Garden you framed (it's the one below the beautiful red sampler) and they LOVED it! Thanks for making my stitching look so good.

MysteryKnitter said...

That lady is...quite a lady. She has quite heavy makeup. That's all I can say. Very colorful.