Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm at the end of another long day.  I find myself working late hours as I am behind in my work again.  I get so frazzled that I can't remember whether I've logged all the new pieces in and called their patient owners to let them know they're safely in my hands.  It occurs to me that this is a good topic on which to launch my blog.

I find that there are not enough hours in my day to complete the many tasks laid before me.  I have amazing employees who help ease my burden, but as our framing is heavily dependent on my hand painting and carving, a good amount of the work burden rests on my shoulders.  My work brings me so much joy, but I find that I cannot juggle all the plates I've tossed into the air. Often, at the end of the day, I find that I'm sweeping up the shards as they seemingly crash around me.  So, I wish to begin this blog by apologizing for my shortcomings and to pledge to do better every day.

I prioritize my days around designing, painting, carving, cutting mats and building frames.  Many days I don't even get around to looking at e-mails or returning phone calls.  Some days, I cannot force myself to "create" and I have to find ways to be productive until the creative drive returns.  With the arrival of Midge and Gidget (my Yorkshire terriers), I find that I am spending an inordinate amount of time walking, feeding, playing with and scolding puppies.  I'm sure this time will pay off as they become delightful hostesses of the studio, but for now, they are a guilty pleasure.

As I write this, my tiny Gidget is barking at her own reflection in a piece of glass and Midge is looking for a new scrap of wood she can claim as a toy.  My heart is overflowing with tenderness towards them and my loving husband for bringing them into my world.  I gather them up into a furry little armful and we head home to rest for tomorrows adventures.


xsgail said...

Hi Jill, so nice to find your blog. I have several of your custom mats for my Shepherd's Bush stitched pieces. You do wonderful work.
I'll check back here often.

Julie said...

It was great to meet you and your darling Yorkies today!

valerie said...'s so nice to see you blogging! I wish I could stitch faster so I could send you some projects. :)

Erik D Shipley said...

So, where is MY yorkie?

MysteryKnitter said...

So nice blog! I am sure your dogs bring you a lot of joy.