Glass Choices

  • No Glass: Fine for pieces that aren't displayed in fluorescent or direct sunlight, or pieces that are displayed seasonally.
  • Regular Clear:  Reflective surface with approximately 70% UV protection.
  • Non-Glare: The "Fuzzy" glass.  Great if you're concerned about glare, however if there are multiple mats or beads on your piece keep in mind that the further this glass sits from the piece the more it obscures the work.  This also has around a 70% UV protection.
  • Conservation Glass:  Reflective surface with approximately 97% UV protection.  Great if you're concerned about fading but don't want the extra cost of ArtGlass.
  • Anti-Reflective Glass:  This has the same non-reflective surface as ArtGlass but only provides around 70% UV protection (like regular clear).  This option is less expensive that ArtGlass but provides the same crystal clear finish.
  • ArtGlass:  This glass is anti-reflective and provides around 92% UV protection.  This is the highest grade of glass that we carry.

Disclaimer - None of the  glass options will conserve your work indefinitely.  If you're concerned about degradation please consider researching museum conservation techniques.  

This is how the pricing for each glass compares (based on an average 18" x 24" piece):
$20.51    Regular Clear
$30.17    Non-Glare
$39.24    Conservation Clear
$60.36    Anti-Reflective Glass
$107.85  ArtGlass